Ways to Organise a Potluck Party

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With the current loom over the economy, throwing lavish parties would seem inappropriate. It is impractical and a huge waste of money. But this doesn't mean people should completely drop the idea of parties. After all, with all the stress that everyone seems to face nowadays, it is but a relief and a breathe of fresh to be able to see old friends and enjoy a great time in a party. So for those wanting to throw a party, a potluck is the best idea. It's fun and doesn't need money that much to organise. But how exactly to organise a potluck? Here are some tips:

Guest List

Head count is the number one factor that needs to be dealt with in a potluck. This is because the food relies on the number of people as each will be assigned or requested to bring something. The right people must also be invited so that communication about the party is easier. Friends, family, and colleagues and the usual guests at a potluck. This makes it easier to inquire about their contribution because they know each other.

Personal calls, email, or by SMS are the ways to send a fast invite today. With these messages, the date, time and venue of the party must be included.

Menu Planning

Since everyone must bring food each, it is best to discuss to the guests the menu they intend on bringing. This way everyone is aware of what everybody else is making thereby avoiding bringing the same thing to the party. In addition, knowing early on the menu can warn everyone about somebody else's allergic reaction to ingredients. This way no one makes the mistake of bringing the wrong food.

In case two or more people intend on bringing the same food, they must be convinced to bring another kind so as to avoid having an identical menu.


A few days in to the party, the host must call all the guests to confirm the attendance. Once that is set, he or she can now prepare everything else such as games, the venue, cutlery, disposable plates and cups, and tables and chairs. Then a few hours before the party starts, the place must be ready and the host dressed nicely. Although it may not be a formal party, a host must always look presentable.

Potluck parties don't cost a lot so there is no need to panic and get fast money for no reason. With everyone contributing something, it becomes a frugal, easy and fun party.

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Ways to Organise a Potluck Party

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This article was published on 2010/12/12