Tips For A Valentine's Day Party

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During Valentine’s Day, the air is filled with romance and love. Many people express their love during Valentine’s Day with cards, romantic dinners, gifts and engagements, among other things. A Valentine’s Day party is very different from other regular parties thus you need romantic and innovative ideas to spice it up. Planning a party for Valentine’s Day can be fun and at times hectic. Below are some Valentine's Day party tips that will make your big day a success.


Ensure you make a guest list and send invitations at least a week in advance. This will enable you to know the number of people attending the party and thus will assist you to make the appropriate party arrangements. Ensure that your invitation cards are attractive. Your cards can be heart-shaped or in the shapes of roses, cupids or lock and key.

Choose a Theme

You should have a theme for your Valentine’s Day party. Gifts, costumes and decorations should be based on this theme. If you opt for a jungle-themed party, ensure that your guests come dressed in animal prints or as Tarzan or Jane. For a jungle-themed party, you can decorate your house with outdoor plants or hold an outdoor party. When choosing a theme, be innovative and creative.


Games are an important element in any party because they make the fun flow. For your party, you can choose Valentine’s Day games such as Candy Quest, Chin Balance, Candy Treasure or Things I Love.

Music and Dance

Valentine’s Day parties are synonymous with music and dance. Take time and decide the kind of music you want to play at the party. If your guests want to have intimate moments with their companions, you can play slow and soulful ballads. If the guests are young and very vibrant, you can play fast dance music. You should play more love songs to match the mood and theme of the day.

The Kids

You cannot exclude the little darlings on this special day of romance and love. Make sure you arrange a Valentine’s Day party for the kids. You can start it early so that the kids can leave early. Ensure that you treat the kids to some games, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches because they are likely to be overstuffed with sweets and candies from guests. To welcome them, you can prepare or buy heart-shaped name tags.

Party Food

Food is very important in a party. Before the actual day, you should buy any ingredients you may require. Also, ensure that you provide your guests with a variety of dishes to choose from. However, it is recommended that you serve them finger food, lots of cookies and cakes. As you savor the delicacies, hug and wish your guests a happy Valentine’s Day.

Fun for Singles

If you are single, you should not feel low during the special day. For women, you can celebrate with your girlfriends. Single men can hold a party similar to a bachelor’s party. Single men and women can also hook up for a romantic movie or comedy. To make it more fun, they can make it more interactive through games or singing along to certain songs.

The Valentine's Day party tips highlighted above will make your day memorable, fun and stress-free.

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Tips For A Valentine's Day Party

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This article was published on 2014/02/15