The Political Party in Power?

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Here we are in the middle of May 2007 Five months after the Congress changed party control.
I don't see a change do you? All I hear is how bad the War is going and we need to leave. Surrendering the Iraqi people to Al-Qaeda and all the bad guys trying take over their country. Can you imagine Al-Qaeda having control of the oil in Iraq. With that amount of resources they could make the next attack on the USA 1000 times bigger than 911.

Let me ask a few questions and see if it makes anything cents.

If the War turns around does one party look bad and lose their white house bid?
Is one party's Presidential candidate running on a defeat in Iraq?
What has that party done to help win the War?
Has that party explain what happens to the Iraqi people if we surrender?
Will that party tell us how Al-Qaeda will have training camps in Iraq if we surrender?
How will they explain the price of oil once Iran and Al-Qaeda controls 1/3 of the worlds supply?
Do you think Al-Qaeda's recruiting will go through the roof with their big win in Iraq?
Maybe instead of running for The White House over the next 2 years. They might try running the country. All I hear is winning about how bad everything is but I don't hear any solutions to the problems. You can make all the promises you want the only thing that matters is results.

If one party is invested in destroying the Presidency and hurting our military why would anyone want to vote them into power? The last President use the military for a color guard (political tool), janitors at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and basically abused them. The party in power of the congress today is no friend of the military. When the military funding is fill with billions of pork barrel spending. How can you take them seriously about anything to do with our country's defense?

So ask yourself is that party working for you or how much power they can control for themselves?

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The Political Party in Power?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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