Preparing for Your Kid’s Costume Party

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Kids love to be in costumes, even though they probably would not tell you that. Dressing up is just exciting for them. Wearing tutus, feather boas, and superman or giraffe costumes just makes them feel happy. They like being looked and cheered at. There are several occasions in which wearing special costumes are appropriate. Examples are birthday and Halloween parties. Costume parties should come with a theme. You don’t just organize a costume party without making some rules.

1. Ask your child who he or she wants to invite to the party. Before sending out invitations, make sure your child knows who you will be inviting. He or she would probably just want to invite their friends and not the kids that they don’t know or haven’t played with before. You can either do the sending of the invitations or you can let your child hand them to friends or classmates. If your child doesn’t want to invite anyone to the party, ask him or her why.

2. Inform kids that it is a costume party. When you write invitations, include what kind of party you are having. If you want them to wear specific costumes, inform them. If you want to have a certain theme in your party, mention that in the invitation.

3. Send invitations in advance. Send them a few months ahead, around 1 or 2 months before, so that your guests will have plenty of time to prepare for their costumes. Every kid wants to look great in costume parties. So make sure you give their parents enough time to make preparations. Costumes can either be bought or sewn.

4. Have a theme. Children’s parties do have themes. The theme binds the occasion and directs the flow of events. Of course, kids are oblivious to these details, because they will just have fun. But you, as a parent and organizer, should make sure that things are set. How the party runs depends on the theme, which depends on the gender of your child. Girls may have a Barbie or fairytale theme, while boys may have superhero ones.

5. Plan the games. What kind of games should be included in the party? You could search online or purchase books regarding children’s games for resources. Kids love games because obviously, they are fun. Kids want to jump, run around, and move a lot. Hardly any children’s party involves kids just sitting by the tables and doing nothing. If you are having games, make sure you have prizes. Kids expect prizes when they win, and prizes are their motivation to participate in the other games.

6. Tell parents you will have a “best costume” contest. This will add more interest and excitement to the party. Any kid will want to win, so he or she will want to look their best and by informing their parents on the contest, they can prepare their children ahead of time for it with hopes of winning.
During the party, parents should be there to watch over their kids and not to interfere too much on the fun that they’re having unless it’s time to go home. Kids want to be left on their own most of the time. If parents get in the way frequently, they could spoil the party for their children and may even upset them. Let your kids have fun. Supervise the turn of events. Make sure no one gets hurt when they are having fun.

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Preparing for Your Kid’s Costume Party

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Preparing for Your Kid’s Costume Party

This article was published on 2012/02/24