How to Throw a Hit Halloween Party Ideas

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How to Throw a Hit Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is one of the only holidays in our society when
just about anything goes, so what better way to celebrate
this fun and freaky day than with a Halloween party? It
seems like there's always someone you know throwing a
Halloween party; people are planning what they're going to
do on this howling holiday earlier and earlier every year -
even as early as summer or Labor Day! But what makes a
Halloween party truly unforgettable? Read on to learn how to
throw a hit Halloween party.

Proof is in the Planning

To have a really successful Halloween party, you must do two
things; the first is to plan well in advance. Because so many
people are always throwing these parties each year, it's
important that you plan your party far enough in advance
that everyone will pick yours to go to.

When choosing the date for your party, choose carefully;
your event doesn't have to take place on Halloween night -
the weekend before is fine (especially if the holiday falls
on a random Monday or other weekday - but if you decide that
"All Hallows' Eve" is the only acceptable day to have your
grand fiesta, make sure it ends early enough for guests who
have to go to work or school the next day, and starts late
enough that your guests can still celebrate with their kids
earlier in the evening (unless it's a children's party).

Choosing a Theme

The second thing you absolutely must do when planning a
Halloween party is to pick a theme. Sure, you could just
tell everyone it's a party and hope everyone shows up in a
costume, but themed parties ensure everyone's ready to have
fun! Picking an original theme for your party makes for more
unique and off-the-wall costumes, and gives guests something
in common besides knowing the host.

The theme of your party should say something about you as
the host, so pick something that you yourself would really
love to attend. Themes can be based on a favorite scary
movie, a popular song ("Everyone come to our Monster
Mash!"), or historical event ("Everyone dress in an 80s
themed costume!"). Does someone in your family have a
birthday in the month of October? Why not have a combination
Halloween and birthday celebration? There really is no limit
to the crazy, original and creative themes you can come up

Halloween Invitations

Once you have picked the date and theme, it's time to send
out your Halloween invitations. If you want your guests to
wear special costumes according the theme of your party,
it's best to send out your party invitations at least six to
eight weeks in advance to give everybody enough time to get
their costumes together. This holiday has gotten so
extremely popular, that there is a huge assortment of
Halloween invitations now available.

Halloween invitations that are fiendishly frightening will
draw unsuspecting guests to your haunted house for an
evening of fun. You can also find Halloween invitations
featuring creatures up to no good and naughty witches who
frolic the night away, suave vampires in tuxedos, vampire
martini invitations, grave robber Halloween invitations,
elegant skeleton party invitations, marvelous eyeball
martini invites, Frankenstein Halloween invitations, mummy
invitations, scary Halloween invitations, jack-o-lanterns,
green witches, sexy witches, dancing skeletons and more.
Vampires are especially popular this year, and there are
plenty of vampire invitations to fit any sort of "Twilight"
or "True Blood" themed party you can think of.

Make sure you include that guests need to RSVP by a date on
your invitations so you can keep a handle on your expenses
by knowing how many guests are coming. This is also
essential if you will be giving out goodie bags or will be
having a costume contest and don't want to start until
everyone has shown up. Don't write "regrets only" on your
invitations if you need a really accurate head count.

Freaky Food and Daunting Decorations

The next and final step is to choose appropriately themed
refreshments and decorations. To help keep your budget under
control, start your party later in the evening, so your
guests have time to eat dinner before they come to your
party. You can then serve drinks and "finger" foods or have
guests bring their scariest food concoction to share. Fill a
plastic brain mold with a pink or green dip for the ultimate
gross-out snack or put a frozen hand mold in your punch bowl
to give guests a scare.

Ask friends if they have any decorations that you can borrow
for your party; you'd be surprised at what some people have
stored away in their basements and garages. You can also
find many decorations and great deals on food and drinks at
the dollar store and other discount stores.

Turn your home into a haunted house by putting old yellowed
sheets on the furniture and replace the light bulbs in the
party room with black lights or red or orange light bulbs.
Completely black out windows with trash bags or blankets,
and create a foggy atmosphere with dry ice and water. Place
spider webbing, plastic spiders, rats and other creepy
crawlies in corners, hanging from the ceiling and across the
tops of doorways to finish the look.

Just follow these simple steps, and ghosts, goblins, witches
and warlocks alike will all flock to your haunted house to
party the night away.

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How to Throw a Hit Halloween Party Ideas

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