How to be on spotlight? For the party animal

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Party is not a place for mysterious people, sipping their drink on the corner and staring at the strangers, raising their one eyebrow. It is definitely not cool although you think, it is. Carrying your rock attitude in isolation is very old school; it looks like you are acting in some kind of spy movie.

  If you are heading for hot and sizzling party, you will be wishing to get all attraction and be on the spotlight, at least if you are a party animal. And doing that is not all easy unless you are celebrity. Making a puppy dog face is not going to work so here are few tips.

  • Be confident: Confident is the keyword, be happy and feel good about yourself. It is entirely in your hand, no one can do anything about it. You are the captain of your emotions.
  • Wear exotic wardrobe:  Wear something extraordinary so that all the eyeballs will gaze at you. Be a creative; do not try to copy others. If it didn’t match your body features, you will end up bizarre. Wear something like  an animal print or different cut styles clothes( for girls) and for guys something  like printed t-shirt conveying some unusual message  like I am a college drop out anything but eye- catching, will definitely work. People will definitely look at you or at least your t-shirt. Just go with your insights when it comes to styling but be confidence while you are in those clothes.
  • Weird hairdos:  Weird but cool hair dos are in. Do anything that is different, get out of your good old image.
  • Wear sunglasses and hats (funny):  Wear different sunglasses like black bars, tool box, silhouette futura or shuttered shades .Wear funny hats like colorful clown hat or Rasta hat, Thailand hat or go with Sombrero.
  • Get on your dancing shoes:  You are in party and you cannot dance is tragic. You do not have to be a professional dancer; just feel the beat and rhythm of the song. Who cares about other? Dance like nobodies watching, you are in the party to enjoy so just dance.
  • Showed up drinks, say cheers:  Showed up drinks, enjoy the drinks. You can even say cheers for birthday boy or girl whoever throwing the party; people think you are way too cool. Act like you are drunk is another way to get attraction, I know it is lame but it works.
  • Click: Click, click, click, click as many photos as you can, girls get your lips pouch and guys show some peace signs, others will think that you are enjoying the party. Post the pictures  on  social networks, people who are in your friend list will think, you are cool person to get along in the party,  in the next party you will definitely be accompanied by more people.
  • Throw a party in a party bus: This is the coolest idea plus it is extra ordinary when it comes to throw party in a party bus. Unquestionably, you will be getting all attention.  Party bus is luxurious, comfortable and stylish with the added amenities it will be cherry on the cake. You will be totally rock star; People will remember you for the rest of their lives.
  • Go passed out: When you are party animal, you get drunk, you dance and do lots of odd things and at last you passed out.
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How to be on spotlight? For the party animal

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How to be on spotlight? For the party animal

This article was published on 2012/02/16