Hen Party Planning and Ideas to Get One Started

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Hen party planning is not that complicated so long as one knows exactly what the bride-to-be wants. However, since most of these parties are supposedly a surprise for the celebrant, the organizer tends to keep everything “hush hush” until the day of the big event.

So, how does one go about planning for any hen party? These are some ideas that can help anyone get started.

Set the Date

Though it used to be part of tradition to have the celebration just before the wedding, the bride-to-be can actually have it in advance. Naturally, the party can be held in advance as long as it is still held before the wedding.

The date should be set on a day or days that all the intended guests are available. Make sure to send out invitations or inform everyone in advance to make sure that the guests can make time or arrange their schedules to be able to make it.

Though hen weekends are more popular nowadays, going out of town for a weekend is not something that everyone can do. That just might limit the guests that will be attending the celebration.

Choose the Venue

Oftentimes, a hen night’s venue is one of the hottest pubs, bars, or clubs in town. It all depends on what the bride-to-be wants to do. Hen nights are usually spent getting drunk while playing hen party games like Truth or Dare. Most men in the establishment are usually more than willing to participate in such games.

To play the game, first, make sure to let the celebrant wear the short veil or other hen party accessories to make sure she stands out in the crowd. Second, do not forget to bring a set of hen night dare dice or cards. Last, but not the least, wait for the best moment to start playing the game as it helps when all the participants are quite intoxicated.

Prepare Other Activities

Aside from Truth or Dare, there are other games that hens and their closest friends will enjoy playing. Of course, if the celebrant is the type that will not appreciate playing that game, there are other games to choose from. Just choose the ones that she will also enjoy participating in.

Activities are also part of the celebration. These are much more important for hen weekends. Having a weekend celebration means more time to enjoy various activities. Choose activities based on the hen’s personality, likes, and wants.

There are certain activities that can make her dream come true. For instance, if she has been a longtime fan of a particular athlete, her hen weekend can be spent meeting that idol or crush of hers. Such an activity will definitely make her hen weekend an unforgettable one.

If the bride-to-be has always wanted to learn something, but never got a chance to do so, now is the time. In case she has always wanted to try pole dancing, take pole dancing lessons with the rest of the group. Lessons like that will be a fun daytime activity for the whole group. So, start planning for the party and have loads of fun!

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Hen Party Planning and Ideas to Get One Started

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Hen Party Planning and Ideas to Get One Started

This article was published on 2013/03/12