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The weekend is here and it’s time to party and more so because it is Halloween. It’s not getting your glad rags its get on your scariest or funniest costumes and get out there and party. No matter how jiggy you get with it there are so many party options for Halloween it is quite an open book. You could host a party yourself, go to a yearly organised event in park and watch some fireworks or straight out go clubbing crazy and down some crazy Halloween themed drinks. It’s your choice really.

This article is more about hosting the party yourself and hopefully giving you some ideas to make your Halloween party unique as HELL!! Well first off choose your venue, are you hosting it at home? In a Hotel? A separately booked hall? Well all this depends on your budget and beware there are still more considerations to make. If you have it home you will have a packed house with a lot of mess at the end of the night. If you have it at an external venue then you have the option of setting time limits and potentially having someone else to organise everything for you.

Depending on your budget you could hire an event management company to take care of all the work for you. Give these people a budget and they will deduct their cost and from the rest of it they will setup your party from decor, drinks (of course), food and anything else you wish to have to make your party unique. They will even be able to setup a whole venue for you as they will have special contacts with people to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Ok now the boring stuff is over and done with, it’s time for your ideas. Yes the event management company will have their ideas as well but it not about them it’s about you so you need to tell them exactly what you want. The ideas I will throw will not consider your budget they are just ideas and you take from it what you wish. First of all food, you can’t have hungry guests and considering the amount of alcohol flying about it’s probably a good idea to have some nice treats for your guests.

They don’t have to be boring finger foods remember its Halloween so make it scary:

• Fill a pumpkin with treats, sweets chocolates and anything else you wish. The gooier the items the better
• Scary soup filled in a pumpkin
• A spider shaped cake
• Bloody finger sausage rolls
• Mozzarella eyeballs
• Snake pizza bread

Hopefully that will give you a creative start and now onto the drinks. Well this is an open forum really and you can be very creative here for example go cocktail crazy and tryout some of the following drinks.

• Halloween punch in a witches cauldron
• Bayou slime
• Bloody rum
• Draculas kiss

Happy event management planning and I hope you have a great Halloween.

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Halloween Party Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/11/18