Halloween Party Concepts Choosing Pirate Party Supplies

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You can find several creative options to host a Halloween party for small children, including use of pirate party supplies and stuff you currently have in your possession.  Have entertainment with the decorations by using buckets to secure loot bags, old fashioned bowls to carry party favors, and foot lockers to accommodate other pirate party supplies and pirate costumes for kids. These occasions can be presented in a number of ways:





  1. On the Halloween party invitation, ask that all the attendees dress in pirate costumes for kids.



  2. On the Halloween party invitation, demand that everyone bring some of what a pirate would wear. For example, this could include an eye patch and a pirate hat.




Before making a final decision about which type of party you’d like to host, have a chat with your child (or children) about what they think are some interesting party ideas. combine their ideas in with the options listed above, and you’re sure to have a extraordinary Halloween party.


Once you prefer to use option one where all the guests appear in pirate costumes for kids, consider holding a costume game. Once you collect all of your RSVPs, you’ll know exactly (or pretty close to) the number of visitors are preparing to attend. Using printer paper that looks like parchment paper (it’s available at most office supply stores), design a separate certificate for each child. Write their name using fancy handwriting, and give each child their own winning certificate, that way no one feels left behind. You can get really innovative with these certificate descriptions:





  • A lot of colorful (or vibrant) costume



  • Pirate costume with the most patches (or holes!)



  • Socks with the most stripes (or holes!)



  • Shiniest belt buckle (or hat buckle)



  • Biggest hat (or most unique bandanna)



  • Perfect face paint



  • Biggest mole (or longest hair on mole)



  • Funniest fake teeth





Any time you decide with option number two, you’re going to require more pirate party supplies. A bunch of party supply stores, as well as dollar stores and big box stores carry pirate party supplies and pirate costumes for kids. So, if you would like to pick up some more costumes if it fits within your party’s budget, this might be a fun approach for those who want to change and dress up. In addition, pick up some paper pirate hats, plastic eye patches, and periscopes for the guests to dress up with and play with. Even though you asked for that each guest bring something pirate related on the Halloween party invitation, ensure you still pick up more for each visitor incase someone forgets.


Don’t fail to consider to purchase yourself a pirate costume, and to ask all your adult helpers to dress up in a costume as pirates as well. The intention is to become part of the occasion, and not just someone in the background helping and cleaning up. Get worried about cleaning up later – give thought to having a good time now. There’s no getting around the facilitation method, so why not do it in costume? You and your party workers might also have a good time using pirate-like voices and accents to further add to the party’s mechanics. (And, you’re sure to get a lot of laughs!)

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Halloween Party Concepts Choosing Pirate Party Supplies

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Halloween Party Concepts Choosing Pirate Party Supplies

This article was published on 2012/03/11