Five Fun Party Themes for Company Christmas Parties

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Any company Christmas party will be a lot more fun with certain themes. Party planners and organizers that are tired of using the same old theme year after year can certainly spice it up a bit with these fun Christmas party themes.

Silly Hat Party

If dressing up in full costume is too much of a hassle for all the guests, choosing a different sort of theme can make it more fun with less effort. The Silly Hat party theme is such a theme as guests can practically wear whatever they want as long as they accessorize with a silly hat.


Yet another party theme that will not really require that much effort to pull off would be a masquerade party. Guests can also wear whatever they wish to wear so long as they bring a cool mask with them for a masquerade themed party. As opposed to the Silly Hat theme, a masquerade theme is perfect for formal evening parties.

Prince and Princesses

Everyone gets to feel like a member of the royal family for a night with a Prince and Princesses themed party. This can be a fun theme if everyone is willing to put some effort into getting a costume. For those that worry about the cost of having a costume made, there are costumes that be rented for such parties.

Hawaiian Luau

Bring the summer season into the heart of winter with a Hawaiian Luau themed party. This can be the perfect theme for an informal event. It will be fun to dress up in summer attire as it snows heavily outdoors. The organizer just has to make sure that there is enough heat in the venue to make sure that no one gets cold. If it is impossible to have the party by the beach, try having the party at the poolside instead.

Christmas Halloween

Instead of letting that Halloween costume go to waste, let all the guests recycle and re-use them at a Christmas Halloween themed party. Any Halloween costume can be used and that does not limit the guests to wearing something scary.

At times, a mask and robe can already do the trick. So, guests just have to get creative as it does not take too much effort to come up with a costume for this theme. The possibilities are endless.

These are just five Christmas party themes to choose from. One can always come up with more unique themes for the party. Dressing up for the occasion can be fun for everyone with the right theme.

To motivate folks to get creative and come up with cool costumes, try to have an award for the best dressed person in the room. As a company event, other awards can be given out to deserving employees as well during the event itself. Aside from handing out awards and prizes, make sure to add other games and activities as well to make sure the evening is memorable for everyone.

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Five Fun Party Themes for Company Christmas Parties

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This article was published on 2013/05/20