Celebrating Divorce in The Divorce Party? It's True!

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The Divorce Party is a story about two women, Gwyn Huntington and Maggie Mackenzie, who are both at a very special, important time in their lives---but as much as they are different, they also are somewhat the same.

Maggie lives in Brooklyn, in a small apartment and on this day, is trying to make some sense of her life and trying to organize what will be her NEW life. Maggie is about to meet the parents of the man she has fallen in love with and become engaged. Working as a former travel writer, Maggie fell head over heels for this wonderful man and they are planning a marriage as well as starting a business together. And so, Maggie prepares to go out to Montauk Point on Long Island to meet her Nate's whole family. She is naturally expected to be a bit apprehensive but Maggie finds herself feeling very uneasy about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, out on Montauk about 100 miles from Maggie, is Gwyn Huntington. She is planning a party on the morning of her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and in her spacious Victorian home has done this many times. However, today will be different as she watches the hired bartenders, waiters, and caterers scurrying around, she faces the last time she will be in Hunt Hall preparing for any kind of party. The party that Gwyn is preparing for is a Divorce Party which has become rather normal and in fact in vogue out here in prestigious Montauk. Gwyn, however, wants HER Divorce Party to be unique! She wants to go out in a grand way as the wife of Thomas Huntington!

This story is a contrast and yet very much the same in some ways as two women find themselves at an important place in their life--where their lives will now change drastically. Although Maggie and Gwyn come from different backgrounds, are different ages, and at opposite ends of the marriage trail, they share much in common. Gwyn has tried to prepare herself for this time as has Maggie but what will it mean? How will their lives change? Is this the right decision and will they be the same people after it? What can be done to keep a couple together, or what could HAVE been done? The story is a great character study and shows how each woman must deal with her changes and answer all the questions she has.

I found myself very wrapped up in these characters. At first I thought I liked one character better than the other. However, as I read on, I found many similarities in their lives and was rooting for each of them. I enjoyed this light but also interesting story.

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Celebrating Divorce in The Divorce Party? It's True!

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This article was published on 2010/03/28