5 Great Plan On Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

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Make it the best party it can be 

Birthdays are time to celebrate, meet with old and meet new friends.  But if it is your child’s first birthday party, you will want it to be the best and perfect birthday.  It doesn’t have to be that expensive, what is important are the memories that you and your baby will have on your baby’s 1st birthday.

Here are the 5 great tips to make your party perfect:

Know your Budget

This will determine on how much you can spend on the party, make a list of the guest that you are planning to invite to determine the number of guest and know the amount of food that will serve. Also make a plan on what type of food you wanted to serve your guest.

You also have to include this on your budget:
Cake, party hats, balloons, plastic plates and cups for the children, you can also have some prices if you will have games.


Create a timeline to make the party well organized and make sure that your baby’s is in good mood on the party time. So better plan the party when your baby is alert, start the festivities about half hour your baby usually wakes up from a nap.

Pick a theme

Having a theme helps a lot in planning the party; this will give you an idea from the invitations to the decorations. There are many themes and packages to choose from, like for girls Disney princess, Winnie the pooh, Minnie mouse, Barbie etc. and for boys it can be Cars, Barney, SpongeBob, Transformers etc. you can choose on the theme that you find it attractive to your baby.

Let your Baby be the Baby

Don’t force your baby to wear party hats or clothes that will make your baby feel uncomfortable.  Or if your baby feels tired let him/her rest in a quiet place, the guest will understand that the child needs a rest.  Do not force the baby to have pictures taken will the other entire guest because this could stress the child.

Know your baby’s likes whether big bash or not

If your baby is very sociable then you can give her/him big birthday bash, this will is the great way to celebrate your child birthday.  But if your child clings to you or dad or your nanny, just limit the guest list to the baby’s favorites of to the people whom your child is familiar. Consider where your child typically has the best time.

With all these great tips, your child’s first birthday party will be very memorable and will truly be a great party.

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5 Great Plan On Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

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This article was published on 2013/10/09