101 Teen Halloween Party Ideas

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If you are looking to throw a teen Halloween party there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  First, unlike adult parties where planned activities can give the party focus and keep things moving, teens really do not like being told what to do. 

Perhaps planned events remind them too much of the Halloween and birthday parties when they were younger and played endless rounds of pin the tail on the donkey or other party games, but try not to schedule any (obvious) activities for a teen Halloween party.  Instead, look at creating a theme for the party; something on which they can base their costumes or around which you can plan the food menu or the decorations. 

Below you will find some creative teen Halloween party theme ideas that should help you in putting together a knock-em dead party for your picky teenagers.

Vampire Manor

Vampires are all the rage today.  Decorate your home (or yard) like a Vampire manor with plenty of cobwebs, hanging rubber bats and spiders in dark corners.  Have the guests come as their favorite Vampire character (whether from a movie or a book); serve fake blood drinks (tomato juice and bloody Mary mixers come in handy here) but don’t get too creative with the food; they’re just going to eat tons of it.  Stick with pizza or something else that is more suited to the voracious teenage appetite.  Do stock up on plenty of vampire-themed movies however, these will add an awesome background soundtrack to the party.

Wizards World

Creating a Wizard’s World theme may take a little more creativity and should be reserved for parties where the guests are a little more prone to literary themes such as The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.  They can come dressed as their favorite Witch, Wizard or Sorcerer/Sorceress.  Chances are for movie or book buffs, the party will take its own turn with conversations or reenactments of certain scenes or chapters popping up all over the place.  They may even take off on a quest around the neighborhood. A good roaring bonfire is a great addition to this sort of party and can really lend atmosphere to the evening.

Fright Night

Fright night is not a party theme for the faint of heart.  If your teen and their friends are into scary movies, then this may very well be the theme for you!  Stock up on all the classics (throw in some of the REALLY old ones if you dare), provide plenty of snack foods and watch the games begin.  Chances are this will turn into a movie-fest and gross-out session to see who can watch the bloodiest movies.  If you want, you can require that the guests come as a character from their favorite horror movie or come with five trivia questions about their favorite horror movie so that they can drill each other on the fine points, but chances are that the food and the movies will be enough!

Whatever you do, don’t worry if your teen Halloween party isn’t going as you though it was.  Today’s teens tend to make their own parties no matter where they go, and by providing them with a safe setting, enough food and a focus for their energy, they’ll end up having the time of their lives!

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101 Teen Halloween Party Ideas

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101 Teen Halloween Party Ideas

This article was published on 2011/10/04